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Bundles options.

We have created two bundle options – one bundle with our recommend tablet and one bundle without a tablet.

Notice, If you buy a bundle we give a rebate!

Please notice – we have selected the very popular Social Reference subscription for both bundles – it can be changed by adding a note when you checkout.

You can add extra cards – two decks included in the bundle – and add a case at the Cart screen.


Dealer options – Premium or Select+.

The Premium Dealer has the lid specially designed by Steve McGugan to optimize the flow of the game – with a metal casing that weighs in a total of 2.2 kilos.

The Select+ Dealer has a functional simple design – with a plastic casing and is much lighter, at 1.2 kilos, than the Premium version.

We based both of the new bridge dealers upon the first bridge dealer version from 2017 (now labelled the Classic dealer). We launched these two new models in 2020 as part of our continued efforts to improve and add extra features to the Bridge+
More solution.

We recommend the Select dealer for club usage and for Social games especially if you will transport the dealer.