• The Popular Social subscription also includes all social – private game – options.
  • The Popular Social subscription includes our very popular and unique Reference games 
  • You can import or export in all known file formats.
  • You can create your own Reference games – and share them (after our quality assurance)

  • The Popular social subscription game options details can be found on the left
  • All our subscriptions include both phone and mail support and automatic upgrades.
  • It also includes all the relevant improvements and new relevant features we launch – as our team works continuously to add features and improve our solution – and improve the game of bridge – to be even more fun, easier and simpler to play bridge, to improve your bridge and to learn bridge.
  • Tournament creation and handling are managed by access right to the club – controlled by you.
  • Real-time results presentation and running scores are also managed by you.
  • Please also remember – All players can log in to our web server for free – as part of the subscription – to study their relevant game/teaching set and study their details, their game history and their profile.
  • The Popular Social subscription can be chosen for 3 months or a 12 months period. The monthly cost is lower the longer the period.
    Please select the period below where you see this – select either 3 or 12 months
  • No limitations on the number of players
  • No limitations on the number of games that can be played
  • One subscription per table.
  • Support also includes the players.
  • Suggestions for improvements are welcomed and will be part of our development plans.
  • All players and/or students can also use the Player app.
  • The tournament director/manager/owner also has access to the Administrator app.
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